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All Servers Will Be Updated

WHITE-VPS will make changes to all vpn and ssh server services by increasing the number of servers and we will provide premium service for 30 days active period


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By using this OpenVPN and SSH Service, you agree that :

  • OpenVPN services are sharing servers so that all servers are shared (maintain and support each other).
  • DO NOT USE our services to commit crimes / crimes such as Hacking, Spamming, Carding and others.
  • DO NOT USE our services to do illegal things related to each country concerned.
  • We will process the law for anyone who attempts to infiltrate, enter, and damage our services.
  • NOT HARD TO Play Sony Playstation Games because many VPS sellers have fallen because of this trivial user behavior.
  • Violating RULE banned permanent NO REFUND. support and USE with WISE for the sake of mutual welfare.